Business Survey Results – Pending

Your opinion is important!

Recruiting & Employing Persons with Disabilities – Foothills Business Survey

The purpose of this 6-minute online survey was to look at the opinions and practices of businesses in regards to hiring individuals with disabilities. There is evidence that shows the benefits when it comes to hiring inclusively and it would be great to hear what employers have to say when it comes to their own experiences! The questions are similar to a 2014 Calgary & Area Labour Market Report so that comparison might be made between the rural Foothills and an urban centre.

This information is important and the results will be used to educate and bring awareness to employers and employees alike. It is also our hope it will be used to help service agencies to be more specific in their support to both businesses and those with disabilities.

As soon as the survey results have been compiled we will share them with you here

Thank-you from Inclusion Foothills!