Employment Support

An Untapped Market

Alberta businesses are facing a projected workforce shortage of approximately 114,000 workers by 2021. These shortages can have crippling affects on employers and the economy as a whole. Despite this workforce shortage, there is a significant portion of the population that want to work but face barriers to join the workforce. Roughly, 20% of persons with developmental disabilities have jobs. This statistic has remained largely unchanged for many years. New strategies are needed to increase employment and workforce participation for this group.

Inclusion Foothills has partnered with the Government of Alberta to create the Foothills Employment First program and with the Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund to create the HIRE program. Foothills Employment First is an innovative, provincially funded youth initiative created to assist individuals aged 14-30 across pan disabilities gain meaningful and rewarding work. HIRE is a federally funded project serving adults (18 and older) who are seeking gainful employment.

To accomplish the goal of finding meaningful and rewarding work, Inclusion Foothills uses a ‘whole person’ approach which involves identifying personal genius and individuals in assisting our participants with:

-Education, skills training and work experience to prepare for employment.
-Supports that help persons with disabilities find jobs that match their personality and skills.
-Life skills and support to keep a job.
-Long-term career growth.