Employment Resources

Need Help Making a Positive Change to Your Business? 

Inclusion Foothills and it's Work-a-Day Partners have created employers resources to assist businesses who are wanting to hire someone with a barrier but are unsure about the process. 

Our Work-A-Day Partners

Below are resources that can help your business throughout the entire process of working with employees with barriers. 

Why are the people with disabilities overlooked?



-Employers make assumptions about what a person can or cannot do on the job or how the person with a disability will fit in.

-Employers believe hiring someone with a disability requires making expensive alteration to the worksite.

-Employers are concerned that Human Rights legislation will make it hard to fire someone with a disability whose performance does not measure up.

-Conventional recruitment methods do not always reach people with disabilities.

-Job ads ask for inflated qualifications, rather than the basic knowledge or skill needed to perform the job.

-People with disabilities assume they won't be considered for a job, so do not apply.

Here's the Reality

People with disabilities are represented in every sector or industry in our economy. They are simply people looking for real jobs.

People with disabilities may have been rejected so often, they have given up looking for work. 

The skills that many people with disabilities have perfected - such as perseverance or the ability to overcome obstacles - are not usually job requirements, although they may be necessary in getting the work done. 

The same standards of job performance should apply to all employees. However, a person with a disability may need specific accommodations in order to perform all job-related tasks to the required standard. These needs must be taken into account at hiring and as changes occur over time either in the disability or the job requirement.

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