Entrepreneurs supported by Inclusion Foothills programs and events.

We are very proud of these individuals who are on the journey of self-employment. We ask you to support their efforts to contribute to their families and the local community, by using their services, buying their products and sharing their story.

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Hard Work and Dedication… Youth Creating Unique Products  

Danica has been busy promoting her homemade products ” Danica’s Best Dishcloths” on social media sites and is currently selling her dishcloths at a  local retail store in Okotoks. Danica’s dream for her future is to create more partnerships with retail stores to sell her various products such as her unique paper coasters, soaps, lip balm and coffee warmers. Danica is exploring the idea of spotlighting her products at the High River Farmer’s Market this summer which will help her to expand her market.  Through the support of family and local agencies, Danica is well on her way to being a successful young entrepreneur! For more information on Danica’s business go to her Instagram page