Inclusive Rewarding Employment

An Untapped Market

Roughly, 20% of persons with developmental disabilities have jobs. Through consecutive boom and bust cycles, this statistic has remained largely unchanged for many years. New strategies are needed to increase employment and workforce participation for this group.

Inclusion Foothills approaches employment from a larger viewpoint. We want to do more than simply finding positions for individuals. We are dedicated to matching the strengths of our participants with the needs of businesses to ensure the right fit for both.

Potential Employees

Inclusion Foothills "whole person" employment support services includes:

  • Working with Potential Employees

    We work with our participants to develop skills and techniques that overcome barriers, hidden or visible, and build confidence so they succeed in their work environment.

  • Identifying Personal Genius

    Our "whole person" approach identifies an individual's strengths and interests to ensure they are a right fit for a business.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our employment specialists continue to work with participants after they have been hired to ensure the placement continues to be successful.

3 teens wearing firefighting gear

C from Okotoks

H.I.R.E. Participant

"The classes have helped build my confidence and strengthened my job-hunting ability. I attribute this to the one-on-one approach of the classes. I feel good about moving forward down my career path."

Listening intently to presenter

Potential Employers

Inclusion Foothills' employer support services includes:

  • Fulfilling Business Needs

    We work with businesses to explore their workforce needs, then match our participants with the strengths to excel in such a position.

  • Working with Workplaces and Employers

    We support businesses to equip their workplaces with what is needed to sustain an inclusive and productive workplace for all employees.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our employment specialists continue to work with businesses after the participant is hired to ensure the placement continues to be successful.

Yvonne Richards, Executive Chef

Highwood Golf

"We believe that inclusive employment is about the bigger picture, not simply filling a position with an employee that can do certain tasks. The people we employ all bring not simply their skills to the table, they also bring their own unique perspective on things, they help us to see that we need to look at the customer experience from all demographics ... inclusive employment allows us to truly understand and appreciate the diversity of the people within our community." 

I.F. Works For Me YouTube Playlist

Employer Perspectives on Inclusive Employment

Hear from employers in our local communities with inclusive workplaces.

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