First Responders Emergency Details

Triptych of emergency information cards

1st Response Emergency Details (R.E.D.) Card

What is a 1st R.E.D. Card and why should I have one?
The 1st R.E.D. Card contains key information about an individual to help 1st Responders help them in an Emergency. It contains the individual's picture, address, Alberta Health Care number, diagnosis, medications and support strategies.

In addition to assisting an individual, the 1st R.E.D. Card can alert 1st responders if children or individuals need to be cared for in the event the parents/care provider are in an accident and unable to communicate.

The 1st R.E.D. Card is the same size as a driver's license. Much like a driver's license, the 1st R.E.D. Card should be carried by the individual at all times, and, may be carried by a support person as well.

Who can get one?
1st R.E.D. Cards are available to anyone living in Foothills County and the MD of Willow Creek.

How much does it cost?
The first Card is free of charge. Additional Cards can be made for a fee of $5 each.
If you would like to know more about the 1st RED Card please contact us or call (403)603-3232 or toll free