Corporate Sponsorship

Allies in Building Stronger Communities

Corporate sponsorships play a key role in Inclusion Foothills’ ability to provide programs and opportunities for individuals and their families. Receiving limited funding from the government, our operating costs are generated through other sources such as grants, fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships. Corporate partners are particularly important to our organization. They provide a reliable and flexible base of funding upon which we can plan programs now and into the future.

By partnering with Inclusion Foothills, your business will be seen as open, forward-thinking, leader that is creating positive change for individuals, families, and whole communities. Linking your corporation with our mission is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship with your own clients.

Annual Support

Through general support each year, your contributions will be used towards a variety of needs such as filling gaps in other funding, upgrading our technology, expanding our reach, etc. While your contribution is not designated towards a specific program or project, the flexibility of having undesignated funds allows us a level of nimbleness to respond to unexpected circumstances or pursue unexpected opportunities.

Program or Project Support

Some corporations prefer to sponsor a specific program or project. Employees are energized with an increased sense of pride and caring knowing where they are making a difference. We are happy to discuss which of our programs would be a good fit for your organization to support on a renewable annual basis. Where a short commitment is desired, we have specific critical projects in need of resources that are not eligible for other funding sources.

In-Kind Support

Corporate sponsorship can extend beyond monetary contributions. Your employees likely have skillsets we could leverage or consult with on a short-term basis. Your company may offer services that would be of benefit in the running of our programs. Or a need to upgrade technology in your organization may allow us to replace our even older technology.

Matching Charitable Contributions

A matching donation program is another way your organization can support Inclusion Foothills and our programs. Employee contributions can have an even larger impact with your generosity. Should your corporation have an associated charitable foundation, we would be pleased to be considered as a recipient of your funding decisions. Raising awareness with employees, retirees, and their families about inclusion and Inclusion Foothills for their donation considerations is beneficial as well.


Fundraisers are a substantial source of revenue for our programs. To be successful, however, they require sizable human and monetary resources to be done well. By supporting our main fundraising events, your contribution helps to significantly expand our reach and attract more attendees to our events. Not only does this impact our bottom line, you have helped to spread awareness about the work we do in the community. This in turn leads to more families reaching out for help they need.

Recognizing Our Sponsors

To show our appreciation, we happily recognize your corporation to our followers, individuals, and families. Options coincide with the type and value involved. To discuss any of these sponsorship opportunities or other ideas you have for supporting inclusive communities, please reach out Executive Director Orvella Small.

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