Inclusive Family Support Programs

Inclusion Is A Family Affair

Inclusion Foothills offers programs for different members of the family to address gaps in other services, pursue skill enhancement, create open communication and social connections, and build deeper, life-long relationships.

Without accountable advocacy and intentional intervention, those with disabilities have some of the least opportunity, most isolation, and disadvantage. Poverty, unemployment, and homelessness are the most prevalent outcome for most.


ABC's of Family Centred Supports

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    As a parent, sister, brother, cousin - we have all had to stand up for what’s right, try to be heard and even helped that friend find their voice.

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    We all need someone to believe in us and for us to believe in something. Whether a dream of being a teacher, to ride a horse, to have a puppy… to to dream you need to believe it’s possible.

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    With the help of family centred supports, we see the dream become reality. Sometimes the dream doesn’t look like we first thought, but through collaboration, discussion, and having people in our camp, families are able to access what they need and navigate systems. Families are given the tools to carry out what is best for their family member.

Programs for Parents and Caregivers

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1-1 Outreach Support

With so many options to navigate, figuring out the right supports for your unique family situation can be daunting and confusing. Inclusion Foothills’ Outreach coaches are experienced assisting families connect with the appropriate supports and advocating for those supports. These can range from healthy child development, financial health and financial benefits, independent living, guardianship, trusteeship, long term financial security, and delivery of services. We can help you with:

Inclusive Education

Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

Regsitered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Transition Planning

Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)

Family Managed Support (FMS)

Self-managed Care

Assured Income for the Severly Handicapped (AISH)

Planning Future Directions

Who: parents and caregivers

Cost: no cost

Smiling child and caregiver

Connections Registry

The Connects Registry is a directory of Inclusion Foothills vetted, experienced self-employed care providers offering services to families in the areas of relief: respite, community assistance, in-home support, and other needs the family identifies. Families review the list of care providers, select suitable candidates, interview them directly, and hire the individuals directly.

Who: parents and caregivers

Cost: no cost

Requirements: Applicants must be a minimum 18 years old, have a valid Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check.

Desired Qualifications: First Aid and CPR certification, experience working with individuals with special needs, responsible, creative, have a passion for working with people.

Responsibilities: Vary according to the individual/family need. Examples can include: providing respite for families, creating fun activities, addressing behaviour concerns, supporting physical disabilities, administration of medications, teaching life skills, job coaching, recreation and much more.

Parents conversation

Step Up Group

The Step Up Group is an opportunity for parents of children with pan-disabilities to meet and make connections with other parents. Through sharing, learning, and exploring topics relevant to their family, participants will gain comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey.

Who: parents and caregivers

Cost: no cost

Mom and 3 kids crafting at table

Emergency Alert ID Cards

This identity card captures critical personal information needed by 1st Responders to assist an individual in case of an emergency. The card is sized to fit in wallets or with your vehicle registration and can be given to children on field trips, caregivers, etc who might be with the individual.

Who: any Foothills County resident

Cost: $5 per card

Where: applications to capture relevant details for the card are available at the High River office 

Programs for Youth

Inclusive Employment

Inclusion Foothill’s inclusive employment programs assist individuals with a disability, vulnerable or at-risk youth, and those experiencing barriers work to find and maintain employment. The programs focus on skill enhancement, coaching, and assisting employers with accommodations. Discover which Inclusive Employment program will support your personal situation.

Who: youth 16 years of age to adults

Cost: no cost

Where: High River and Okotoks


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Digital Youth Pocketbook

The go-to resource for youth in Southern Alberta covering topics from A-Z. You'll probably find resources and services you didn't even know you could use.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Nido Qubein

Programs for Kids

Sibshops leader and kids exploring


Sibshops provides a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, and fun environment where brothers and sisters of special needs siblings meet other siblings, enabling them to develop supportive relationships and coaching skills.

With a lot of fun and laughter involved, sibs have the opportunity to talk to other sibs about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sibling with special needs. Quite often, attending Sibshops is the first time a sibling meets others who “get it.”

Those who attend experience a lasting positive effect on how they feel towards their sibling, learn coping strategies for sticky situations, and leave with a better understanding of the services their sibs need.

Who: siblings of children or youth with disabilities or barriers

Ages: 6-12 years of age

Cost: no cost

When: throughout the school year; see Junior Giants and Kids 360 for summer programs

Kids dancing game

Junior Giants Leadership and Tutor Program

Junior Giants is for children with disabilities/or at risk, who would otherwise lose school and literacy skills over the summer months.

The program is structured to meet the individual needs of each child/youth. In addition to nurturing literacy skills, participants will gain leadership skills and build relationships with others. On average, students receive 2 - 3, one hour sessions per week.

Who: any child at risk in their learning program

Ages: completion of grade 1–12

Cost: $150

When: July & August

Kids on tire swing

Kids 360

Kids 360 is an inclusive, high energy summer program for children and youth with disabilities along with their friends, siblings, and cousins. Anyone in the community is welcome to attend too. 

Running 4 days a week through the summer months, the program is geared towards bringing children together through skill building. They will experience different themes, activities and field trips around town.

Who: all children

Ages: 6-13 years of age

Cost: $150

When: July & August

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