COVID-19 Resources

Navigating Through COVID

Inclusion Foothills has compiled a list of resources of concern to our clients and families. We continue to update these lists as new and relevant information is received.

The resources are grouped into two collections of a more general nature and information specific to FSCD, PDD and AISH families.

We’d are happy to connect by phone or email to discuss anything you need from Inclusion Foothills.

General COVID Resources

A collection of resources spanning several areas impacted by COVID.

Information and Resources

Mental Wellness

  • Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

    PDF: Anxiety management techniques can help parents support their children in reducing stressors to manageable levels

  • Focused and Engaged

    PDF: Finding balance through self-regulation

  • Mindfulness

    PDF: Benefits for the whole family

  • Sleeping

    PDF: Sleeping well leads to better mental health

  • Test Anxiety

    PDF: Mindfulness techniques can help reduce the stress of taking exams can induce anxiety

  • Trauma

    PDF: What it is and how to help someone who has experienced it

  • Virtual Emotional Safe Spots

    Web Page: We’re kind helpers creating a safe spot for you to say what’s on your mind and figure out next steps

  • Text4Hope

    Mobile: Text COVID19Hope to 393939 to receive daily text messages on healthy thinking or what you can do to help them manage your mood

    • While there is no cost for this service, check with your cell plan provider you will not be charged for these texts on your current plan
    • This service is not a replacement for other mental health therapies and supports



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