Youth Engaging Workplaces


The Youth Engaging Workplaces Project is an employment initiative that falls under Inclusion Foothills’ Inclusive Employment Programming. Youth, aged 16-24, who enroll in the YEW Project will participate in a twelve-week session which is tailored to their specific experience and career goals. Through frequent and targeted meetings, in conjunction with group format and workshop sessions, the youth will advance from unemployed and confused about employment to being an informed, motivated potential employee in a local business or organization. The goal of the YEW program is to curate and place youth into positions within their local communities while developing both their soft and hard employment skills such as self awareness, confidence, effective communication and time management. Some components of the program include:

One-to-one coaching and support for youth that covers the following topics:

• Resume Development • Interview Skills and Practice • Employment Readiness
• Online and In-Person Job Applications • Workplace Rights & Responsibilities • Accommodations in the Workplace
• Assistance with Financial Literacy including budgeting • Targeted Career Planning and Personal Development • Achievable Milestones and Accountability

Group and workshop presentations in small, innovative groups across different technology mediums and in-person formats
Volunteer, Work Experience and Employment Opportunities
Integration and collaboration with a new, inclusive and diverse social circle.


To be eligible for enrollment in the YEW Project, a youth must:

Be aged 16-24 and a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or permitted to work in Canada.
Be experiencing a barrier to employment whether it be physical, cognitive, mental, emotional, situational or environmental.
Have, or have the ability to obtain a Social Insurance Number.
Be ready, willing and able to both participate in the program and to gain employment.

If you, or someone you know is interested in enrolling they should reach out immediately to the YEW Program coordinator to schedule an intake interview. All potential participants will undergo an intake interview to determine if they are ready, willing and able to participate in the program. The YEW project integrates the youth into the employment world over the course of twelve weeks. Each week has a different focus which is targeted to employment and self development but also takes into account the specific factors that affect the individual. Some topics that are covered during the twelve weeks are:

• Resume Development • Interview Skills and Practice • Self Confidence and Self Awareness
• Identifying and developing personal and character strengths • Mental Health Awareness and Coping Strategies • Effective Communication and Resilience
• Job Searching and Best Employment Practices • Social Media Training and Awareness • Youth Entrepreneurship



Michelle Wuthrich
Youth Engaging Workplaces Project Coordinator & Youth Development Coach
| (403) 603-3232

For businesses interested in collaborating with the Youth Engaging Workplaces Project, please contact:

Chris Dunn

Business & Youth Development Coach
| (403) 603-3232