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Inclusion Foothills is a community support network for individuals with a pan-disability and their families/guardians, so they may enjoy all rights, and benefits of citizenship, be valued as an equal member of society, and be free of discrimination.

Inclusion for all

An inclusive life requires immersion in valued, normal, social, family and community activities through all stages of life.

The quiet rhythms of day-to-day living, birthday parties, first day of school, dance, soccer, friends, volunteering, homework, part-time student jobs, careers, raising a family and such are to be experienced by all.

Parent playing games at table
Employer helping teen learn

Inclusion Foothills' supports and advocates for individuals and families to become fully involved in their communities, rather than being isolated and underachieving. Through these efforts diversity grows and strengthens across the Foothills and surrounding areas from De Winton to Fort Macleod.

The Need Continues

The dream of ordinary, meaningful lives for all began with six families in 1998. More than two decades later, the need for supporting individuals and families in leading an inclusive life has never been greater. While we have come a long way, we remain focused on expanding to the many more we can assist.

2023 In Review

The trend of increasing requests for service and new families connecting with Inclusion Foothills over pre-Covid numbers continues. The total number of both new families and individuals reached in 2023 grew by 12% over 2022. More telling about the need for our work in the community was an astonishing 81% increase in requests for service over last year.


new families


total families




service requests

Living inclusion

We empower families for a lifetime, or as long as they need, in their journey to live the best life for themselves or their family member.

Family Support & Advocacy

Inclusion Foothills provides support for all aspects of family life. We offer parent support groups, a vetted care provider directory, sibling support groups, skill and leadership development, and assistance with applications for funding and financial support.

Inclusive Employment

Inclusion Foothills does more than help those who face disabilities to employment find work. Everyone deserves rewarding, meaningful employment. We are dedicated to finding the right fit to match our participant's strengths with business needs.

Inclusive Communities

Inclusion Foothills' raises awareness about the benefits of inclusive communities. We assist employers with enriching their workforce and productivity as well as sponsor and participate in community events. There are many ways to get involved with inclusive communities as well.

In their words

We are grateful for the impact Inclusion Foothills makes in the the lives of families and participants. Their words express the feelings and experience of countless others who finally find a way forward.


Outreach Program

"[Our Outreach Coach] has been a huge help and supporter as we are new to these programs and dealing with FSDE and everything it includes is a bit overwhelming."



"K is working at the liquor store and has been there for a couple of weeks and seems to be enjoying it. K is getting himself to work on time and is not complaining about going and all the hours he is putting in right now ... a huge thank you your way as your care and concern for K has played an enormous part in this all."


Outreach Program

"I must be honest as I was very apprehensive, before our meeting, as I did not know what information was needed and what I really need to assist me on my journey, with our  9 year old ASD/ADHD son. ... I learnt some new avenues that could be approached to assist our son. I left our meeting feeling empowered and relieved that I made this meeting." 

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